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Money / material lock P 8051

Diese für den Innenbereich konzipierte Materialschleuse / Geldschleuse P 8051 wird hauptsächlich für die Materialanlieferung oder Materialabholung eingesetzt.

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Money / material lock P 8051

This transfer lock, designed for indoor use, is mainly used for material delivery or collection in industry or for data media output in data centers. Of course, the P 8051 is also used in the security area of ​​financial institutions, central banks and value companies for the delivery and / or collection of money. With armored glass BR3-S in a lacquered steel frame, counter element in linen-structured stainless steel with built-in sliding recess P 7032 FB4, hands-free system DELTA 2.0 integrated ready-to-plug-in and case lock P 9050 with doors based on FB4.

Properties of the P 8051 money / material lock

  • Installation: in the plastered wall reveal or partition wall system
  • Wall opening: W x H x D = 1,000 x 2,000 x wall thickness ..... mm
  • Sliding tray: W x H x D = 384 x 86 x 274 mm
  • Case lock: W x H x D = 454 x 504 x 600 mm

Execution of money / material lock P 8051

  • Design: Textured paint, light gray, RAL 7035, other colors according to customer requirements on request

Bullet class money / material lock P 8051

  • Bulletproof class: BVG C 9 (UVV-Kassen), glass in BR 3 - S, sliding troughs and doors of the case lock based on FB4 (DIN EN 1522)

Additional information on the product Money / Material Lock P 8051

Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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