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Icarus Transpa

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Ikarus Transpa

Particularly suitable as an access option for prams and wheelchairs for supervised access in indoor and outdoor areas in leisure facilities as well as in architecturally sensitive buildings. The waist-high motorized swing door Ikarus Transpa supplements tripod systems with access with prams or wheelchairs. It consists entirely of rustproof materials and is particularly suitable for building barriers in office buildings and leisure facilities such as fitness clubs. Thanks to the drive in the axis of the locking element and the design of the locking elements as glass sashes, Ikarus Transpa appears very dignified and light and therefore fits into any architecture without disturbance. Ikarus Transpa is suitable for bidirectional operation and, thanks to the precise zero position of the LOGITURN planetary gear, for double entrances placed opposite one another.

Properties of Ikarus Transpa

  • Drive in the locking element
  • Smooth running, precise zero position
  • Fully assembled delivery
  • One or two-way operation
  • Input direction changeable
  • High throughput
  • Long-lasting quality
  • architecture-friendly transparency
  • Maintenance-free mechanics
  • extensive range of accessories

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Supplier : Gotschlich GmbH

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