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Tilt window for customer counters

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Tilt window

The tilt window is suitable for glazed customer counters both indoors and outdoors. The bottom-hung window is made of aluminum, colorless anodized, as standard. As an option, the tilt window for customer counters can be supplied in anodised or lacquered colors.

Properties of tilt window

  • Swiveling glass flap to close the opening; Protection from dust.
  • Built-in locking latch to close.
  • When the latch is opened, the glass flap automatically jumps into the first open position, which is sufficient to push forms through.
  • Fully open, like the picture opposite, with automatic locking. On request, the upper and lower long edges can be sealed against water.
  • Clearance dimension: 110 mm in height x 320, 400 and 540 mm width from stock.
  • External dimensions: 162 mm in height x 400, 480 and 620 mm width from stock. (other dimensions on request between 200 - 700 mm possible)
  • Glass cut-out: 134 - 135 mm high x your pass-through width + 70 mm. Horizontal cut-out edge polished at the top.
  • Glass thickness: For glass thickness up to 10 mm, against a surcharge for insulating glass up to 30 mm.

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