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Small lockers Locksafe basic

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Small lockers Locksafe basic

Locksafe basic is a transfer station and enables service providers and pharmacies to hand over goods unattended. Thanks to intelligent software, customers are notified by email or smartphone as soon as the goods are ready for collection. This means that customers can pick up their items from the locker even after the store has closed – safely, discreetly and with absolute flexibility.

Locksafe basic product details

The Locksafe basic housing is made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel, the doors and front panel are made of stainless steel. The system is delivered as a finished product and is simply integrated into the wall opening. The individual compartments are loaded on the back of the system via a complete door, so that the operator does not have to leave the shop. The system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Locksafe basic equipment

  • The operator station consists of a PC and touchscreen with a multilingual, intuitive user interface.
  • The opening and closing mechanism of the compartments can be operated by entering a PIN on the touchpad.
Benefits for the operator
  • Improving customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer retention and competitive advantage.
  • Reduction of personnel costs.
  • Both regular and one-time customers can use the facility.
  • Reduction of delivery costs - no more second or third delivery necessary.
Benefits for the user
  • Pickup possible around the clock - without waiting in store.
  • Collection of the ordered goods, unattended and discreet.
  • Customer-friendly, uncomplicated operating procedure.
  • Pickup notification via email or SMS.

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