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MA125 incremental encoder

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MA125 incremental encoder

Incremental encoder for speed control or use in motion control applications.

Properties MA125 incremental encoder

The series is available with a high resolution between 1 to 5000 pulses per revolution. The mechanical interface of the MA125 series is compatible with European standards. This applies to both their electrical and their mechanical properties. The series has a robust design with a reverse polarity protected power supply and short-circuit proof outputs.

Additional information on the product MA125 incremental encoder

Supplier: EMETA Encoders AG

Additional information on MA125 incremental encoder

Encoder functions Speed ​​feedback Relative positioning application Length, diameter & direction measurements
Area of ​​application Electrical motors Environments without exceptinal demands of robustness.
Encoder type Incremental encoder
outer diameter 58mm
shaft dimension 6 mm round, 6 mm with flattening, 8 mm round, 10 mm round, 10 mm with flattening, 11 mm key way
Flange type B10 euro flange
Supply voltage 5Vdc | 5 – 30 Vdc | 7-35Vdc
Electrical interface TTL | HTL
Number of channels 6 channels (A, B & 0-pulse differential)
electrical connection Cables | 6 pin MS | 8-pin KTP | 8 pin M12 | 12 pin Con FM (M23 type)
Chock 200g
Range temperature -40°C – +80C
vibration 20g at 20-2000 Hz
Shaft Type Solid shaft
connection direction Axial, Radial
Material Anodized aluminum

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