Emeta encoder

Emeta has a large selection of encoders that are suitable for many applications. From our smallest series of magnetic rotary encoders with an outer diameter of 22 mm to our heavy duty series with 115 mm. Almost all encoders can be adapted to your needs.

Emeta was founded in 1994. Our encoders are made in Sweden. We offer reliable, robust and durable encoders.
Most of our encoders can be customized upon request. We enjoy working with our customers on projects. We offer fast delivery for our standard, robust and miniature series. Most of our encoders are delivered within 9-14 working days of ordering.

37 products
  • MA110 incremental encoder
    MA110 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA120 incremental encoder
    MA120 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA125 incremental encoder
    MA125 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA131 incremental encoder
    MA131 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA210 incremental encoder
    MA210 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA240 incremental encoder
    MA240 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA300 incremental encoder
    MA300 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA368 incremental encoder
    MA368 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA401 incremental encoder
    MA401 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA410 incremental encoder
    MA410 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA4101 incremental encoder
    MA4101 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA420 Redundant Encoder
    MA420 Redundanter Encoder
  • MA4201 Redundant Encoder
    MA4201 Redundanter Encoder
  • MA430 absolute rotary encoder
    MA430 Absolutdrehgeber
  • MA4301 absolute rotary encoder
    MA4301 Absolutdrehgeber
  • MA431 absolute rotary encoder
    MA431 Absolutdrehgeber
  • MA450 incremental encoder
    MA450 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA4501 incremental encoder
    MA4501 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA500 incremental encoder
    MA500 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA503 incremental encoder
    MA503 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MA550 incremental encoder
    MA550 Inkremental-Encoder
  • MB480 incremental rotary encoder
    MB480 Inkrementaler Drehgeber
  • MG22 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG22 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MG23 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG23 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MG300 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG300 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MG500 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG500 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MG550 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG550 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MG553 magnetic rotary encoder
    MG553 magnetischer Drehgeber
  • MP22 potentiometer, contactless
    MP22 Potentiometer, kontaktlos
  • MP23 Magnetic Potentiometer
    MP23 Magnetisches Potentiometer
  • MP500 Magnetic Potentiometer
    MP500 Magnetisches Potentiometer
  • Rotation stop torsion spring 3-210-2151
    Rotationsstopp-Torsionsfeder 3-210-2151