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Material and money lock P 9500

Die Materialschleuse und Geldschleuse P 9500 wurde vor allem für die Geldanlieferung und Materialanlieferung entwickelt. Geeignet u.a. für Banken.

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Material and money lock P 9500

The combination lock P 9500 was developed primarily for the delivery of money and materials in the large customer area of ​​national and large banks. The sluice has glazed, alternately opening, double-leaf swing doors on the customer and cash desk side, which are electrically operated. It is mainly used to lock money carts. Amounts of money can be counted on the lowerable tabletop inside the lock if required. Under certain conditions, the lock can also be used as a personnel lock.

Properties material and money lock P 9500

  • Installation: in interior walls on the finished floor
  • External dimensions: approx. W 1,480 mm, D 1,600 mm, H 2,300 mm
  • Interior footprint: approx. W 950 mm, D 1,200 mm, H 2,000 mm

Version of material and money lock P 9500

  • Execution: according to customer requirements

Fire class material and money lock P 9500

  • Bullet resistance: based on FB4/BR4-NS or FB6/BR6-NS
  • Burglar resistance: based on RC 4

Additional information on the P 9500 material and money lock product

Supplier: SITEC GmbH