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Mobile windbreak

Die individuelle und spezielle Verglasung als mobiler Windschutz für Ein-Mehrfamileinhäuser, Restaurants, Café: Windschutz Café au Lät.

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Description of mobile windbreak windows - Café au Lä

Security and comfort
Protect yourself from all sides. Cold winds, inclement weather and theft are some of the issues that discourage us from eating and drinking outdoors. Café au Lä® windbreak protects against all these elements and provides coziness and comfort.

Flexibly adjustable according to your wishes
Depending on your wishes, the height of the movable window part can be continuously adjusted by hand, so that a protected or more open environment is created.
Café au Lä® is available in 4 different standard heights (80 - 120 cm, lowered). The width of the windows can be individually adjusted between 100 and 220 cm to the available space and circumstances

Features Mobile Windbreak - Café au Lä

The outer glass is fixed and the inner glass can be pushed up and down without much effort, since the mechanism is embedded in the side post and the sliding glass is balanced with a counterweight. Thanks to this technique, the glass also remains at the desired height.

The individual windows can be combined into one unit using plug-in modules. The height of the individual window elements can still be adjusted independently of the other modules.

"Lä" comes from Swedish and means "Lee". "Lee" side in turn means in shipping: the side turned away from the wind.
Café au Lä ® means nothing else than the windbreak for the "outdoor cafe".

Additional information on Product Mobile windscreen

Manufacturer: Svalson AB

Additional information on mobile windscreen window

  • The lower fixed part comes with 6mm standard laminated glass but can also be supplied with opal glass or other materials.
  • Structure in satin anodized or powder coated aluminum in all standard RAL colors.
  • Different types of mounting plates for installation.
  • Accessories such as ''brackets'', ''connecting plates'' or ''wall mounting''.
  • All connector plates and fasteners are made of stainless steel.
  • Raise the moveable part to the desired height.
  • Options (not available for all variants):
    • Ability to stop at defined intervals
    • Key lock to lock in lower or upper position
    • Electrically powered
    • With or without handrail profiles
    • Glass counterweight
Width (min/max) in mm
Height (lowered/raised) in mm
1000 / 2200 800 / 1300
1000 / 2200 900 / 1500
1000 / 2200 1000 / 1700
1000 / 2200 1100 / 1900
1000 / 2000 1200 / 2100

    If you need combined wind protection and canopy on your terrace, balcony or outdoor restaurant, we offer you our height-adjustable glazing CAFÉ AU LÄ.

    Svalson's height-adjustable windscreens are fitted with a counterweight, our own invention, balanced and can therefore be easily pulled up and pushed down. The height-adjustable glazing stays at the chosen height without blocking. CAFÉ AU LÄ is a proven, high-quality product.

    CAFÉ AU LÄ is made of aluminum and laminated safety glass and we always produce according to customer requirements. There are five different heights in sections up to 2200mm.

    Satin anodised aluminum is standard but you can choose a powder coating in any standard RAL colour.

    CAFÉ AU LÄ is available in upgradable parts; from the fixed railing to the height-adjustable glazing, with a fixed skylight that is mounted in the upper part of the terrace

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