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Model FP2000 Pressure Transducer

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Model FP2000 Pressure Transducer

The FP2000 series offers a modular selection that increases choice and shortens delivery time. We try to keep the different elements in stock and simply weld them together according to your requirements.
This device is available in the versions gauge, absolute, differential and barometric.
The overpressure transducer SPT-FP2000 measures in relation to atmospheric pressure.
The absolute pressure transmitter SPT-FP2000 measures in relation to vacuum.
A wet / wet differential pressure transmitter measures the difference in the pressure applied to its two connections, whereby both connections can contain liquid or gas.
This results in a large selection of mechanical and electrical options and a shorter lead time.

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Supplier : RDP Electronics Ltd

Housing DIN-Rail
Display supply type DC
Display type LVDT, strain gauge, 0 to 10 V, 4-20 mA

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