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Model MPB Compression Load Cell

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Artikelnummer:  50039-SLC-MPB-T0001

Model MPB Compression Load Cell

Our SLC MPB load cell or force sensor is a device that converts load or force into an electrical signal.
The SLC MPB load cell should be mounted on a hard, flat surface. This compression load cell measures the compressive force applied between the top and bottom of the load cell.
Care should be taken not to subject the Model SLC-MPB force transducer to a load or force in excess of its capacity. The selected range of the Model SLC-MPB compression force transducer should therefore be suitable for the maximum force (including transient forces) that can be applied to it.
The SLC-MPB transducer is a strain gauge transducer and has a mV output which may require an amplifier. For the SLC-MPB, we can offer a variety of high-quality, low-noise, high-precision strain gauge amplifiers.

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Supplier: RDP Electronics Ltd

Load cell type Compression
Load Cell Range 50kN, 100kN, 500kN, 1MN, 2.2MN
Material stainless steel
Accuracy -

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