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Sliding tray P 7013

Die Schiebemulde P 7013 für Theken ist mit zwei gegenläufigen Zahlmulden ausgestattet. Die Schiebemulde P7013 ist für den Innen- und überdachtem Aussenbereich.

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Sliding tray P 7013

This device for flush installation in counters is equipped with two counter-rotating payment trays. It is used indoors and outdoors at banks, gatekeepers and other checkout areas, when money and objects need to be moved quickly and easily, and when a fixed hatch is required.

Properties of the sliding tray P 7013

  • Installation: indoors, counter installation - in the middle under glazing
  • External dimensions: width 476 mm, height 167 mm, depth 642 mm
  • Passage size: upper trolley W x H x D = 270 x 30 x 225 mm / lower trolley W x H x D = 298 x 86 x 286 mm

Design sliding tray P 7013

  • Design: RAL 9005 black, textured paint. Other colors or cover frames made of stainless steel or aluminum on request.

Additional information on the product sliding tray P 7013

Supplier : SITEC GmbH

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