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safety switch

Sicherheitsschalter sind die Lösung für Bereiche, in denen die kundenfreundliche Beratung im Vordergrund steht und die Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter.

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safety switch

Security switches are mainly used in banks, petrol stations, casinos, social welfare offices, embassies and other reception areas. Security counters are the solution for public areas in which, on the one hand, personal, customer-friendly advice is paramount and, on the other hand, the safety of the employees, e.g. in the event of a robbery, must be guaranteed in any case. Safety switches are built into counters inside - normally the device is invisibly sunk into the counter. Customers are served at the open counter without disturbing armored glass. In the event of a robbery, the clerk can trigger the security device. In a fraction of a second, a steel plate or armored glass shoots up from the counter and closes the opening. The employee is thus protected from an attack.

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