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Safety glass Sicuralarm

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Sicur alarm

SICURALARM® is the most modern and secure solution for electronic alarm security for all anti-attack glass, both in the private sector and in the commercial and public sectors. It consists of a toughened glass pane (ESG) on the attack side, on the inside of which a 50x50 mm electronic conductor loop (alarm spider) is burned. This continuously reports a certain resistance to the alarm center. In the event of an attack, the tempered glass pane immediately cracks over the entire surface, interrupting the resistance and triggering the alarm. In contrast to conventional alarm glasses, SICURALARM® is not on the room but on the attack side. This and the high impact and impact resistance prevent false alarms, since the alarm is only triggered when the glass is destroyed.

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Manufacturer: SICURTEC ® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

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