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Machine protection screen Sicurtec Air

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SICURTEC AIR machine protection windows: Revolutionary safety meets innovative technology

Discover a groundbreaking solution for protecting your machine tools with SICURTEC AIR. By combining highly resistant and highly elastic polycarbonate with extremely hard silicate glass, SICURTEC AIR offers unparalleled protection against physical and chemical risks in the manufacturing environment.

Double security, maximum transparency

The heart of SICURTEC AIR is the innovative double-layer construction. The outer silicate glass forms a robust barrier against chemical influences such as coolants and lubricants, while the inner polycarbonate reliably protects against ejected work pieces or fragments. This combination not only guarantees the highest level of safety for employees and inventory, but also a clear view of the manufacturing process without compromise.

Unique air intermediate technology

The innovative air space between glass and polycarbonate is the secret behind the efficiency of SICURTEC AIR. This special construction not only improves the protective functions, but also contributes to the longevity of the product by increasing chemical resistance. This unique feature underlines the exceptional quality and high level of innovation of SICURTEC AIR.

Attractive pricing and proven effectiveness

Despite its advanced technology and superior performance, SICURTEC AIR is available at an attractive price. This combination of high quality, innovative technology and cost-effectiveness makes SICURTEC AIR an excellent choice for companies that do not want to compromise on safety.

Choose SICURTEC AIR for comprehensive protection

With SICURTEC AIR you are choosing a future-proof solution that makes your workplace safer and at the same time increases productivity through clear visibility. Trust in SICURTEC to take the protection of your employees and machines to the next level.

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Manufacturer: SICURTEC® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

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