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Safety glass Sicurtec Blast

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Sicurtec Blast

SICURTEC BLAST offers absolute safety in dangerous situations where the strongest explosions are to be expected. As a look into the recent past shows, people and buildings are more threatened by explosions than ever before. Especially through terrorist attacks. Attacks with explosives result in pressure waves that are many times higher than the usual wind pressure loads. They destroy facade glazing, windows and endanger human lives. Unless the pressure waves hit the SICURTEC BLAST explosion glass.

Additional information on the product Sicurtec Blast safety glass

Manufacturer: SICURTEC® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

EN 13541 standard
resistance class thickness [mm] ** Weight [kg/m²] ** test certificate
ER1 13 23 no
ER2 16 29 no
ER3 18 32 no
ER4 23 46 yes

* Specifications refer to the design: mono-NS with scratch-resistant polycarbonate on the room side
** Thicknesses and weights are minimum specifications, depending on the pane size

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