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Machine protection screen Sicurtec Guard

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SICURTEC GUARD: The gold standard for machine protection screens

Secure your production process with SICURTEC GUARD, the ultimate solution in the field of machine protection windows. This premium product redefines safety through the intelligent combination of highly resistant polycarbonate and highly elastic silicate glass, connected by an innovative special adhesive. This symbiotic connection not only offers outstanding retention ability against thrown-out parts, but also unparalleled protection against chemical influences and machine failures.

Innovative technology for unsurpassed protection

By gluing the entire surface with a special adhesive, a seamless unit is created that meets the highest safety requirements. This unique method prevents the formation of shards in the event of an impact and thus significantly increases safety for operating personnel and inventory. SICURTEC GUARD stands for a long-lasting, reliable solution that takes protection in your production area to a new level.

Maximum visibility, minimal risk

In addition to the outstanding protective function, SICURTEC GUARD offers excellent optical clarity. The perfect view of the production process enables efficient monitoring and helps increase productivity without compromising safety.


With SICURTEC GUARD you are choosing a high-end solution that meets the highest standards of safety and quality. It is the result of continuous innovation and our commitment to the security of your production environment. Rely on SICURTEC GUARD for comprehensive protection that leaves nothing to be desired.

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Manufacturer: SICURTEC® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

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