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Safety glass Sicurtec Panic

Bietet unübertroffenen Schutz und leichte Bedienbarkeit von innen, ohne von aussen überwunden werden zu können. Zertifiziert von RC2-Panic bis RC6-Panic gemäss EN1627 ff 2011, widersteht es effektiv Werkzeugangriffen und verhindert Durchstichsöffnungen. Ideal für Einsatzorte, die höchste Sicherheit erfordern. Erweiterbar mit Zusatzoptionen für individuelle Anforderungen.



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Safety glass polycarbonate for escape doors - Sicurtec_Panic

The optimal security solution with break-proof glass for emergency exits and panic doors.

The escape door, which becomes a dead end from the outside.

SICURTEC_PANIC represents the highest level of security for glazing in escape routes, as it offers double protection.

Escape doors made of safety glass for escape doors prevent access from the outside, but at the same time must be easy to open from the inside. It is precisely this dualism that often offers burglars a target. But even the smallest gap cannot overcome the break-through and vandal-proof SICURTEC_PANIC glass.

Features of the object safety glass

Our certified product offers numerous advantages:

  • Resistance to tool attacks A1 to A6
  • No entry for tools such as flex, splitting axes and drills for at least 20 minutes
  • No puncture openings possible
  • The only safety glass available on the market that is certified from RC2-Panic to RC6-Panic
  • Complies with the EN1627 ff 2011 standard for panic glasses

Areas of application for polycarbonate safety glass

SICURTEC_PANIC is used wherever security for panic and escape doors is essential:

  • Public institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Entertainment centers
  • Commercial properties
  • Government and administrative buildings
  • Security-sensitive devices
  • Hotels and leisure facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Shopping complexes
  • Cultural Sites

Additional options for our break-proof glass

In addition, SICURTEC_PANIC glasses can be supplemented with the following options:

  • White glass for absolute color neutrality
  • Insulating glass for optimal thermal insulation
  • Alarm glass with integrated alarm loop
  • Fire protection glass with maximum heat resistance
  • One-sided mirrored glass
  • Anti-reflective glass
  • Customer-specific adjustments
  • Special shapes
  • Noise protection glass
  • Switchable glass with transparency at the push of a button
Advanced description

Additional information about the Sicurtec Panic safety glass product

Manufacturer: SICURTEC® Laminatglastechnik GmbH

Check for penetration or puncture opening

EN 1627 ff:2011


Resistance class

Thickness [mm] **

Weight [kg/m²] **

Test certificate

RC2 Panic




RC3 Panic




RC4 Panic




RC5 Panic




RC6 Panic




* Information refers to the version: mono
** Thicknesses and weights are minimum information, depending on the pane size

Advanced description

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