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Simple and highly effective - the unbreakable glass from Hammerglass

Preventing break-ins is all about buying time. If a burglar finds that it is taking too long to break into a property, the break-in attempt is usually abandoned. Hammerglass SINGLE offers increased protection against burglary and vandalism for all types of objects, from individual shops to shopping centers and public buildings. The system is certified up to security class P8B according to EN 356, the level of protection that insurance companies require for objects that are particularly at risk. The lightweight panels can be cut into any shape and therefore offer great flexibility. As the system is based on replacement glazing in existing window frames, the solution is well suited for older connected sashes and listed buildings.
We test the strength!

We test all our products thoroughly. Watch the film where we perform a forcible strength test on 6mm Hammerglass versus a standard police station safety glass (25mm laminated glass).

  • A burglary lasts 10 minutes.
  • Half of all break-ins occur through the window.
  • In general, windows and glass surfaces are the weakest point in the house, followed by doors.

Intrusion protection - vandalism protection - personal protection

Low weight and high security class offer significant opportunities for glazing in existing systems. In the case of single glazing or installation in coupled sashes, the outer pane is replaced with Hammerglass SINGLE. The installation in existing window sashes takes place using special assembly and special silicone. The glazing material can also be made in irregular or rounded glass shapes.

  • Protects against burglary & vandalism - personal protection
  • Re-glazing of windows and doors in the existing sashes/frames
  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm hammer glass
  • Can be made with irregular or rounded glass shapes
  • Discrete vandalism protection for installation in front of lead glazing in churches and cultural buildings
  • Does not affect existing architecture
  • Improves U-Value
  • Soundproofing of 30 dBRw
  • Safety class EN 356 P8B
  • Provides increased protection against burglary and vandalism for shops, shopping malls, public facilities, industry, offices, gas stations, pharmacies, health centers, etc.

Installation and guarantee

Hammerglass SINGLE is only installed by recommended installers to ensure the highest quality. Individual discs are usually made of 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm Hammerglass. All Hammerglass panes are laser marked with a logo and production number to ensure traceability for internal quality assurance purposes and warranty security.

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Supplier: Hammerglass AB

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