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Lifting window without visible profiles

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Lift window with no visible profiles

When design is the most important factor, when there is a desire for open, free areas or when multiple glass partitions need to be close together and profiles or columns should not disturb the elegant surroundings - then Svalson Executive is the best alternative. Svalson Executive is an elegant and secure sliding glass partition suitable for glass stands in jewelry and watch boutiques, in VIP lounges in arenas, in wide reception areas to create an open environment and in restaurants where you need to close off the serving area but otherwise the wants to keep premises open.

Svalson Executive is an electrically operated, vertically sliding glass partition manufactured with no side columns or visible profiles. It is a unique patented solution consisting of a movable glass pane and a drive module with a completely concealed installation. The integrated drive module is positioned either above or below the movable glass pane, depending on whether the glass pane is open upwards or downwards. In the open position of the glass pane, there is a completely open environment without any disturbing pillars or profiles, in the closed position a safe, protected environment behind the glass.

The glass sliding partition can optionally be supplied in laminated glass with polished edges. The movable glass panel is automatically locked in the closed position and is controlled via a controller with one-touch buttons (press and release). In environments where unauthorized persons are not allowed to open the glass partition, such as For glass stands in boutiques, for example, one can choose RFID, a secure, wireless and discreet operating method that does not require keys.

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Manufacturer: Svalson AB