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Security partition

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Safety partition
INTECH-ICS AG supplies door systems and partition wall systems for the design of entrance areas and work rooms. Our system enables the combination of the most diverse security requirements (bullet security, burglary security and fire protection) with the same optics. The system is also suitable for outdoor use, as it can be supplied in a thermally insulated version. Doors are available in standard dimensions and also in special sizes. For complete and large systems, we are happy to take over the entire planning and project management right through to the turnkey handover.
Features safety partition
  • Different requirements with the same look.
  • Security requirements can be combined.
  • Bullet safety: FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5 and FB6
  • Fire protection: EI30, EI60 and EI90
  • Burglar resistance: RC1, RC2, RC3, RC5 and RC6
  • Also available as connecting glasses on escape route door, panic door or emergency exit door with anti-panic function RC1 Panic, RC2 Panic, RC3 Panic, RC5 Panic and RC6 Panic
  • Laying cables in the profiles
  • Flush installation of switches, buttons and indicator lights in the profiles without impairing the burglary or bullet resistance.
  • Visually diverse design options, as the bulletproof and burglar resistance is achieved through the basic structure and is independent of the cladding.
  • Installation of switches and sockets in the transverse transom without affecting the bullet class.
  • Door installation flush, door views inside and outside the same.
  • Integration of counter parts, sliding windows, locks or other fixtures easily possible.
Design of safety partition
This system is available with an anodized, powder-coated or CNS surface. The system can also be made of wood or with wood veneer.

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