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Glass for security devices

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Glass for security devices - Hammerglass: unbreakable showcases

Hammerglass is certified up to protection class P8B, which corresponds to the highest protection class for security grilles and roller shutters. Hammerglass is 300 times stronger than glass making it virtually unbreakable making it well suited for display cases in jewelry stores, museums, churches etc.

Unsuccessful break-in attempt

The film shows an unsuccessful attempt to break into the premises of one of our customers. In this case, the thief got nothing, and the business owner didn't have to remove the broken glass from the business premises.

Stop the thief!

We supply complete, bespoke store fittings and security solutions for stands and cabinets. The glass can be riveted, spliced ​​or folded so that complete cabinets or boxes can be built from hammered glass. Our partners develop the fittings according to the customer's requirements and then coordinate the production with the suppliers to deliver a complete solution.

Security for customers and employees

Space is limited, but security requirements are very high? A Hammerglass security entrance takes up little space but offers great benefits. Hammerglass is built into specially designed security entrances made from materials such as wood, steel and aluminum that blend in with the rest of the store and can be integrated into small spaces. The security entrance consists of a small booth where the customer enters through the first door, which must then be closed before the next door can be opened. The entrance allows control over who can enter the store and is particularly effective when it comes to preventing multiple people from entering the store at the same time. This is an investment in a safer work environment that benefits both customers and employees.


The Hammerglass panels are built into the existing cabinet structure or project specific fastening solutions can be found.

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