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Universal shelf

Geschraubtes universelles Regal für Archive, Werkstätten und Lager. Die verstellbare Regalboden erweitern das Einsatzgebiet.

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Artikelnummer:  67045-IAR-20-X14-CCX-X1

Description Universal Shelf

The universal shelving offers a flexible and customizable storage solution for archives, workshops and warehouses. Due to the screwed construction, the shelf is easy to assemble and can be expanded as required. The shelves can be adjusted 45mm apart, giving you the optimum storage capacity for your needs.

The shelf is available in different sizes and designs: 2000 x 1000 x 400 mm or 2000 x 1000 x 500 mm. The shelves are available in either a galvanized or colored finish. The galvanized material provides increased durability and resistance to corrosion, while the colored shelves offer an attractive look.

With its sturdy and versatile construction, the universal shelving is the ideal choice for your storage needs.

height x width
x depth (mm)
2000x1000x400 2000x1000x500 2000x1000x400 2000x1000x500
Shelf Finish galvanized galvanized color color
net / gross (kg)
38 / 39 44 / 45 29 / 30 34 / 35
Load capacity of the shelves 70 kg - lacquered shelf
100 kg - galvanized shelf
Max. Load of shelf 350 kg - lacquered shelf
500 kg - galvanized shelf

Additional information about the product universal shelf

Supplier: Tritón Pardubice, spol. sr. O

Quantity discount from 3 pieces: 10%

Delivery costs: free

Minimum order quantity in the online shop: 1 piece

Delivery time for stock items: approx. 2-5 business days

Delivery time for non-stock items: approx. 6-12 weeks

Recommended method for installing and maintaining Tritón cabinets

Recommended environment

  • intended for indoor use

Must be protected from

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • uses other than those for which the furniture is intended.

Improper handling is particularly

  • Interventions in the construction and design of the cabinet.

cabinet assembly

  • The cabinet must be placed on a level floor. Small bumps are compensated by the leveling feet. We recommend fixing the metal furniture to the wall.

Environmental protection

  • All parts are made from recyclable materials. After the cabinet has been decommissioned, these must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable regulations.


  • It is recommended that the cabinet be washed regularly with standard non-abrasive detergents with a neutral pH (5-8) and then dried thoroughly.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for the normal wear and tear of the product.


  • This product is GS-16-08-11-01 certified.

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