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Accessories for sliding windows

Each automatic window is custom-made for the special needs of the customer, which is why there are also a large number of accessories for our products. What you see here is only a limited selection from our large range. If you have any additional requests, please contact us. If we do not have an accessory in our range, we will surely find a suitable solution!

Cylinder lock

Every automatic window is supplied with a mechanical lock which locks automatically when the sash is in its end position. Many models also have an interval lock, which automatically locks the window after a certain distance when it is open.

An extra cylinder lock can also be installed, e.g.

  • Armstrong
  • ASSA 13787

Alarm relay AR3

An on-site smoke alarm or other detector for fire or attack is connected to our alarm relay AR3. In the event of an alarm, the alarm relay then automatically closes the window.

Battery bridging BB1

Our automatic windows are normally powered by a power pack. In the event of a power failure, the battery bypass enables the window to be opened and closed again.

Control unit / foot pedal

Svalson automatic windows are usually delivered with a hand switch. However, other solutions are also possible:

Foot pedal instead of the control unit
Foot pedal and control unit
Several control units in different requirements as desired

Mounting profiles

We can offer you a wide range of steel and aluminum profiles for installing your automatic windows. The surface treatment of the profiles can of course be done in the same way as for your automatic window.

Additional information about the product accessories

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