Atim M2M

In the past, communication between several devices was carried out using cables. However, there are several advantages of a remote solution: radio range of up to 30 km in sight, lower installation and maintenance costs, ... Point-to-Point (P2P) or multipoint modes allow multiple radio modems to share data from a distance . These radio modems are coupled to any industrial device, mainly via a Modbus connection.


"Machine-to-machine" communication is the direct communication between devices over any communication channel, whereby the devices are considered intelligent and connected. Wired or wireless M2M aims to maximize and centralize the collected industrial data.

ATIM works on sub-giga radio frequencies to enable M2M communication on its modems. The Advanced Radio Modems (ARM) product line enables the connection of urban, industrial, environmental, medical devices, ... (Source: )

Schema M2M Kommunikation

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  • ACW - DINDIO - Radio Modem I/O
    Fernsteuerung digitale Eingänge/Ausgänge ACW - DINDIO
  • ACW-DINRS+ - Modbus RS232/RS485 Bridge
    Modbus RS232/RS485 Bridge Modus Typ ACW-DINRS+
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  • ARM-D - Local radio modem I/O
    Lokales Funkmodem Digital/Analog I/O Typ ARM-D
  • ARM-SE-V2 - Modbus Ethernet Bridge
    Lokales Funkmodem Digital/Analog I/O Typ ARM-SE-V2
  • Expansion module ARM series