Comtac LoRaWan

The modular kit for IoT solutions with LoRaWAN®

Are you looking for LoRaWAN®-compatible modules? Have you recognized the benefits of LoRaWAN® and would like to implement your use case?

Based on our extensive experience, we are able to develop products with all LoRaWAN® slave modes (A-C) for you. We have also already used different LoRaWAN® server protocols and thus find the right way to route your data into your application.

Whether you use LoRaWAN® nodes for public networks from classic network providers or independent network providers in the need urban Smart City area or want to set up your own “private” LoRaWAN® network, we support you in the implementation. For your private LoRaWAN® network, we are at your side with our base server and an OPC UA server.

Comtac AG and INTECH-ICS AG will be happy to advise you.

14 products
  • LPN LD-1 level monitoring
    LPN LD-1 Füllstand-Überwachung
  • LPN TSM transformer station monitor
    LPN TSM Trafo-Stations-Monitor
  • LPN KM short circuit monitor
    LPN KM Kurzschluss-Monitor
  • LPN CM-4 sensor
    LPN CM-4 Sensor
  • LPN CM-3 sensor
    LPN CM-3 Sensor
  • LPN CM-2 sensor
    LPN CM-2 Sensor
  • LPN CM-1 sensor
    LPN CM-1 Sensor
  • LPN multi-sensor 3
    LPN Multi-Sensor 3
  • LPN multi-sensor 1
    LPN Multi-Sensor 1
  • LPN DO
    LPN DO
  • LPN DI/S0
    LPN DI/S0
  • LPN AI
    LPN AI
  • LPN Modbus Bridge
    LPN Modbus Bridge
  • LPN Lighting Bridge
    LPN Lighting Bridge