Microswitches and subminiature microswitches

Wherever positions on machines have to be recognized or switching functions with high electrical power are required, ZANDER microswitches are used.

They have been manufactured in our company since 1950 in Aachen and have proven themselves due to their reliability and longevity Well proven.

All microswitches are equipped with long-life snap contacts, which ensure a sudden changeover without premature lifting of the contacts even when operated slowly.

Typical applications are displacement sensors on machines, door contact switches, sabotage switches or cam switches .

Microswitch series KL
The single-pole changeover switch allows a switching frequency of 1000 operations / min. Under the designation KL..B, the switches are also available with additional lateral mounting cams.

Microswitches MS series
Single-pole changeover contact with high switching capacity and long service life with small dimensions.

AS series microswitches
The proven construction of the KL switching element is also used in the AS series. AS has a narrower design. Therefore, these microswitches are particularly suitable for limited space.

Series DM
Subminiature microswitches for all applications that require high precision with the smallest dimensions.

Series SM
Single-pole microswitch with various connection options such as solder lugs, solder pins straight and angled.

Series VMN
Microswitch. The switches are available in numerous other variants for series use.
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