Ovarro TBox

Our range of TBox RTUs opens up new automation options, simplifies system technology and enables critical industries worldwide to remotely control and monitor their applications.

TBox enables users to access networks with their mobile devices and PCs - anytime, anywhere. All TBox devices and connected systems are protected by a state-of-the-art cyber security suite.

The TBox RTUs offer great flexibility through connectivity to various SCADA and data platforms. This benefits companies that have to communicate with several different surveillance systems over greater distances. Each of our TBox has its own unique features, making them perfect for managing a wide variety of plants and applications in the most demanding and harsh environments.

8 products
  • TBox ACC 485 remote maintenance
    TBox ACC 485 Fernwartung | RS 485 Trenner
  • TBox LT2 RTU remote maintenance
    TBox LT2 RTU Fernwartung | SPS
  • TBox MS RTU remote maintenance
    TBox MS RTU Fernwartung | SPS
  • TBox Nano RTU remote maintenance
    TBox Nano RTU Fernwartung | SPS
  • TBox RM2 RTU remote maintenance
    TBox RM2 RTU Fernwartung | SPS
  • TBox TConnect remote maintenance
  • TBox TG2 RTU remote maintenance
  • TBox TWinSoft software remote maintenance