Safety relay

ZANDER Sicherheitstechnologie offers our customers a comprehensive range of tested safety switching devices. They all have one thing in common: Hazard risks are effectively and efficiently minimized. Man and machine are optimally protected!

Whether safety switches, non-contact safety sensors, guard locking devices, rope pull switches, emergency stop switching devices or safety control devices - safe conditions in every technical work step are the decisive task of our products. There are also economic advantages: ZANDER safety switching devices are designed in such a way that they permanently prevent production losses and costly downtimes.

Regardless of the industry you come from: We have the right safety relays, safety control devices, safe mini time controls, safe time relays, safe small controls, coupling relays and expansion modules. We also have the right rope pull switches, coded safety switches, coded stainless steel switches, coded RFID safety switches and RFID magnetic locking devices.

The focus of safety relays is to be able to optimally protect people and machines. The hazard risks should be minimized effectively and efficiently. Whether a safety switch, non-contact safety sensors, guard locking devices, rope pull switches, emergency stop switchgear or safety control devices are used for this purpose, the focus of our relays is on safe operation of the technical systems.

It is important that safety relays that are used in the food sector also meet hygiene requirements. For example, these should correspond to the surface smoothness (Ra4) and be made of a high-specification stainless steel (316). As in the food industry, there are special requirements in other industries that must be met.

Our staff will be happy to provide you with advice.

23 products
  • Non-contact safety switches
  • DHC - engine protection relay
  • DSRC1 interface module
  • DSRC4 interface module
  • Stainless steel safety switch ZCode
  • ENQ4 fault reporting system
  • ENS20 time relay
  • ENS90 time relay
  • Extension relay SREC / SRTC
  • RFID magnetic tumbler ZCode-MZ
    RFID Magnetzuhaltung ZCode-MZ
  • SCB Safe time control
    SCB Sichere Zeitsteuerung
  • cable switch
  • Rope switch accessories
    Seilzugschalter Zubehör
  • Safe coupling relays SR7D / SR3D
  • Safety switching device SR3AD
    Sicherheitsschaltgerät SR3AD vomn Zander Aachen
  • Safety switching device SR3D
    Sicherheitsschaltgerät SR3D von Zander Aachen
  • Safety switching devices SR series
  • SR4C - 4S timer relay
    SR4C - 4S Zeitrelais
  • TALOS TB-I14O3 - Safe small controller
    TALOS TB-I14O3 - Sichere Kleinsteuerung
  • Ultra slim safety relay MINOS
    Ultra-schmale Safety Relais MINOS
  • ZCode Coded RFID Safety Switch
    ZCode Codierter RFID-Sicherheitsschalter
  • ZCode safety switch
  • ZCode accessory M12 extension cable
    ZCode Zubehör M12 Verlängerungskabel