Safety switch

Safety switches are mainly used in banks, petrol stations, casinos, advice centers for social welfare offices, as well as in embassies and other reception areas.
Safety switches are the solution for public areas in which on the one hand personal, customer-friendly advice is in the foreground, on the other hand the safety of employees, e.g. in the event of an attack, must be guaranteed in every case.
Safety switches are built into counter counters indoors - normally the device is invisibly sunk into the counter.
Customers are served at the open switch without annoying bulletproof glass.
In the event of a robbery, the employee can trigger the safety device. In a fraction of a second, a steel plate or armored glass pops up from the counter and closes the opening. The employee is thus protected from an attack.
The element is driven pneumatically - it is triggered via a foot switch, radio transmitter, button or bank note clip. The safety switches are manufactured in the dimensions according to your requirements.
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