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ACW - DINDIO - Radio Modem I/O

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Artikelnummer:  63000-ACW/868-DINDIO

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The ACW-DINDIO is a radio modem I/O with 2 digital inputs + 1 digital output.

Properties remote control digital inputs/outputs ACW - DINDIO

The ACW-DINDIO makes it possible to know the status of an input and to control an output, e.g. closing a valve in the event of a water leak.
For comparison with current technologies, the ACW-DINDIO can be connected to LoRaWAN or Sigfox , which allows a long range even in isolated places.

Additional information on the product ACW - DINDIO - Radio modem I/O

Supplier: Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868MHz
Technology Sigfox | LoRaWan
Supply voltage 10 - 30Vcc
Inputs 2 digital
Outputs -
Interface -