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ARM-SE-V2 - Modbus Ethernet Bridge

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Artikelnummer:  63005-ARM/868-SE

Local radio modem digital/analog I/O type ARM-SE-V2

The ARM-SE is compatible with the entire ARM range and allows access to other radio modems (remote I/O, serial port, Ethernet) via a serial port or Ethernet network.The configuration is done via the embedded website.It is used as a radio bridge between many Ethernet or RS232/RS485 devices (e.g.B.PLC) used.Thanks to the embedded ModbusTCP server, it can be a Modbus gateway between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU.

Serial/Ethernet radio modem properties

The Ethernet ARM-SE-V2 (Advanced Radio Modem Serial + Ethernet) radio modem offers an interesting alternative to Wifi.It is well suited for a wireless connection in a long-distance noisy environment.

Applications Local radio modem digital/analog I/O type ARM-SE-V2

- time measurement, time report
- display, signs
- water management, energy
- camera control, telemetry
- quarry, mines, cement factory
- BTP, industry.

Interfaces ARM-SE-V2:

  • Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100BaseT
  • RS232/RS485 (SUBD9)
  • Radio (SMA) 868MHz/27dBm max or 433MHz/10dBm max
  • Power supply (2 wires) 10-30VCC / 6W

How ARM-SE-V2 works:

  • Transparent mode, serial or Ethernet
  • ModbusRTU mode
  • Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway
  • Mirror mode with expansion cards X8800-X4404-X4440
  • Compatible with ACW and ARM series

Configuration ARM-SE-V2:

  • Via embedded web page or AT commands
  • Settings are saved in flash
  • Firmware update via Ethernet
  • Configuration and test mode in local and remote
  • 3 dip switches behind the product for RS485 + 1 to enter test mode

Additional information about the product ARM-SE-V2 - Modbus Ethernet Bridge

Supplier: Atim Sàrl

model ARM-SE-V2 ARM-SE
Dimension 105x105x31mm
Antenna SMA connection
Temperature -20°C to +55°C (operating)
Mounting DIN rail
Supply voltage +10/30 Vdc
weight 300g
Frequency 865-870MHz 433MHz or 868MHz
Transmission Strength 500mW (27dBm) 10mW @ 433MHz, 500mW @ 868MHz
Data baud rate 1.2 to 115 Kbps
Normal power consumption Tx: 800mA/300ms, Rx: 150mA Tx: 400mA, Rx: 150mA
radio module
frequency band 868-870MHz 433MHz, 868-870MHz
Number of channels 553 16 @ 19200 bps
modulation 2GFSK or 4GFSK FSK
Power 5mW, 25mW, 500mW, Depends on channel
Stability +/- 1dBm -2/+1dBm
Antenna connector SMA
Ethernet Isolated RJ45 10Base T
RS232 SUB-D 9 female pins
RS485 Terminal block connector
Serial Link 1200 bps to 115000 bps
Mosfet Output +10/30 Vdc
Delay time
Modem wake-up time 3200ms 180ms
Rx/Tx and Tx/Rx turnaround 2.4ms
RS232 Rx/Tx and Tx/Rx 0ms
RS485 Rx/Tx and Tx/Rx < 1ms
Transmission delay in Transparent Serial mode 5.6ms

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