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DHC - motor protection relay

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The motor protection relay DHC is a temperature monitoring relay for electric motors. It evaluates the resistance values ​​of the PTC thermistors built into the motor winding. A non-volatile restart lock ensures that the relay remains locked in the event of a power failure, i.e. no uncontrolled restart takes place.
The advantages are high safety through restart lock and closed-circuit current principle. Several sensor resistances can also be connected to a relay. The motor is restarted via an integrated acknowledgment button after the normal temperature has been reached.

Applications Motor protection on machine tools, compressors, conveyor belts
Supply voltage AC 24 V
Exit 1 make contact
Max. Switching capacity relay output AC 250 V; 5 A; 1250 VA
Response range 1.65 - 4.0 kOhm
(PTC thermistor)
Acknowledgment button on the front
LED display Operational readiness (green);
Overtemperature / relay contact open (red)
Width x Height x Depth 22.5 x 99 x 114 mm

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