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ENQ4 fault reporting system

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The electronic malfunction reporting system ENQ4 offers in compact form a complete malfunction reporting unit for the detection of impermissible operating conditions, for example overpressure or too high temperature.
ENQ are successfully used on compressors, production machines, vehicles, heating / air conditioning systems.
The collective signaling contact switches as soon as a fault message input opens. The machine is switched off or an alarm signal is activated until the fault is acknowledged. The fault is displayed on the front.
Several modules can be arranged side by side in the form of a panel.

Applications Compressors, production machines,
vehicles, heating / air conditioning systems
Supply voltage AC 230 V / DC 24 V
inputs 4 fault message inputs: saving,
message when opening
1 test input
output 1 NC contact (collective message)
Max. Switching capacity relay output AC 250 V; 8 A; 2000 VA
LED display 1 x green: fault-free operation, output switched on
4 x red: fault message, output switched off
Width x Height x Depth 48 x 48 x 108 mm
panel mounting

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