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Welded shelf

Das geschweisste universelles Regal für Archive, Werkstätten und Lager. Das geschweisste Regal ist aus Metall und Laminat.

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Artikelnummer:  67046-IDR-20-X15-XXX-X1

Description Welded shelf

Welded shelves - combination of sheet steel and laminate

The 18 mm thick laminate shelves are built into a metal frame. The shelf can be attached to the wall.

Height x width
x depth (mm)
2000 x 1000 x 500
Equipment 6 x shelf
net / gross (kg)
Load capacity of the shelves 75 kg
Max. Load on the shelf 450 kg

Additional information on the product Welded Shelf

Supplier : Tritón Pardubice, spol. s r. o.

Minimum order quantity : 10 pieces. Please ask for smaller quantities.

Recommended method for installing and maintaining Tritón cabinets

Recommended environment

  • intended for indoor use

Must be protected from

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • Uses other than those for which the furniture is intended.

Improper handling is particularly

  • Interventions in the construction and design of the cabinet.

Cabinet assembly

  • The cabinet must be placed on a level floor. Small bumps are evened out by the leveling feet. We recommend fixing the metal furniture to the wall.

Environmental protection

  • All parts are made from recyclable materials. After the cabinet has been decommissioned, it must be disposed of in accordance with the applicable regulations.


  • It is recommended to wash the cabinet regularly with common non-abrasive cleaning agents with a neutral pH value (5-8) and then to dry it thoroughly.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear on the product.


  • This product is GS-16-08-11-01 certified.

Documents on the product Welded Shelf