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Comfort and air quality sensor THAQ

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Artikelnummer:  64065-ACW/LW8-THAQ

THAQ comfort and air quality sensor

THAQ makes it easy to monitor your spaces and buildings thanks to its sensors for CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature and relative humidity. Equipped with an LED on the front (Green > Orange > Red) that clearly indicates that the room needs to be ventilated, the air quality is displayed locally or the complete measurements are sent to a powered Sigfox or LoRaWAN network.

Configuration is done using the tools of the ATIM suite, either locally or remotely. By default, the CO2 rate thresholds correspond to the European standard, but it is possible to redefine them. These thresholds correspond to the different alarm levels as well as the color of the LED on the front panel. It is also possible to disable the front panel LED if required.

Compatibility with the computer and mobile versions of the IoT web platform allows the visualization of the data, the remote parameterization of the sensor and the configuration of alarms according to the predefined thresholds in a few clicks.

The installation and commissioning is done in less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play.

The ACW-THAQ is widely used in schools, public institutions, cities, industry and networked buildings and is suitable for many use cases, such as:

  • Classrooms: CO2 sensors are becoming the standard in schools, colleges and high schools
  • CO2 monitoring in a public building
  • Maintaining air quality and comfort in hotel rooms

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Supplier: Atim Sàrl