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ACW-DINRSM - Modbus Master RS485

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Artikelnummer:  63012-ACW/DINRSM-LW

LoRaWan Modbus Master RS485 ACW-DINRSM

The ACW-DINRSM queries up to 49 Modbus registers from slave PLCs and sends its responses to LoRaWan.
The devices act as masters and read and write to the slaves in order to monitor certain registers or if necessary query.
Up to 49 PLCs can be controlled by 1x ACW-DINRSM in the serial connection.
The data transmission frequency, the registers and the setting of the slave queries are made in the ACW configurator.

Additional information about the product ACW-DINRSM - Modbus Master RS485

Supplier : Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868 MHz
Technology LoRaWan
Supply voltage 10 - 30 Vcc
Inputs -
Outputs -
Interface RS485

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User Manual ACW-DINRSM - Modbus Master RS485