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ACW-MR4 - Monitoring of counters

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Artikelnummer:  63015-ACW/MR4-LW

LoRaWan monitoring of counters ACW-MR4

This is the perfect product to monitor your assets and be alert to any problems.

Properties LoRaWan monitoring of counters ACW-MR4

Features ACW-MR1-ELEC

The ACW-MR1-ELEC allows meter reading reporting (through pulses) for electrical or mechanical meters. The number of flashes of the LED or the number of revolutions of the tail wheel are converted into pulses. The supplied sensors are from the brand FLUDIA.

Features ACW-MR4

The ACW-MR4 enables index reporting (by pulse) from your water, gas or electricity meters.
Compared to current technologies, the ACW-MR4 can be connected to LoRaWAN networks, which allows a longer range even in isolated areas (excellent material penetration).
The product has 4 counters as inputs, which can also be configured as digital inputs.

Typical applications LoRaWan monitoring of meters ACW-MR4

- Measurement, smart building
- Local communities

This sensor is used to monitor and transmit the status of 4 discrete outputs (open collector type, NPN/PNP and dry contact type). It can also be installed for the purpose of periodically transmitting the counting index of a meter. The data is transmitted regularly and at configurable intervals as required.

The ACW-MR4 is used in many sectors such as industry, cities, connected buildings and can be adapted to many applications:
- Monitoring of the indices of multiple meters
- Monitoring of water or electricity consumption: energy savings - Intrusion detection: opening or closing of a door on a private property
- Connection to the network of the system for opening and closing industrial doors (loading docks, warehouses, etc.).

Additional information on Product ACW-MR4 - Monitoring of meters

Supplier: Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868MHz
Technology LoRaWan
Supply voltage Battery
Inputs -
Outputs -
Interface -