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ACW - TM2D - Digital Temperature Reader

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Artikelnummer:  63019-ACW/TM2D-LW

LoRaWan Digital Temperature Reader ACW - TM2D

PropertiesACWTMxD wireless modem

Ideal product for remote temperature monitoring of any object. The ACWTMxD radio modem will alert you when high or low thresholds are exceeded.
Equipped with 2 digital contact sensors, the ACW TMxD radio module is versatile and will find its place in many applications.

Typical applicationsACWTMxD radio modem

- Legionella prevention
- Boiler rooms - Cold rooms
- Industrial equipment

Additional information on the product ACW - TM2D - Digital temperature reader

Supplier: Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868MHz
Technology LoRaWan
Supply voltage -
Inputs -
Outputs -
Interface -