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ACW - TM2P - PT100/1000 temperature probes

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Artikelnummer:  63021-ACW/TM2P-LW

LoRaWan PT100 / 1000 temperature probes ACW - TM2P

This sensor is used to monitor the temperature with two PT 100 or PT1000 sensors at a distance of 2 meters. The data is transmitted at regular intervals that can be configured as required.

Properties ACW-TM1P

The ACW-TM1P is widely used in the areas of cities, buildings and associated industries and can be used for various applications:
- Compliance with sanitary standards: Monitoring the temperature of a service water network to prevent the occurrence of Legionella < br> - Compliance with the cold chain: refrigerated banks, refrigerated trucks, etc.
- Control of the water temperature in the network and avoidance of overheated water

The sensor is available as a one- or two-probe version (ACW-TM1P / ACW-TM2P) or without a probe (ACW-TM0P).

Additional information about the product ACW - TM2P - PT100 / 1000 temperature probes

Supplier : Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868 MHz
Technology LoRaWan
Supply voltage -
Inputs -
Outputs -
Interface -