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ACW-MR2-EX - ATEX monitoring

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Artikelnummer:  63014-ACW/MR2-EX-LW

LoRaWan monitoring ATEX ACW-MR2-EX

This is the ideal product to monitor the condition of a system (start - stop) or to be notified in the event of a problem.
It can also report a water, gas, electricity meter index (pulse ).
Compared to the current technologies, the ACW-MR2-EX is connected to the new LoRaWan network, which enables a very good range and excellent obstacle penetration.

Function LoRaWan monitoring ATEX ACW-MR2-EX

With its master or slave Modbus function, it is very versatile. The configuration takes place via USB.
The ACW-MR2-EX enables the reporting of two digital inputs to a web platform and the remote reading of the measurement data of a water and electricity meter, which takes place at regular intervals (configurable reporting time). This product is certified according to the ATEX standards.

Features LoRaWan monitoring ATEX ACW-MR2-EX

- Excellent radio performance, internal antenna
- Easy testing by pressing the button on the front
- Access to the Atim Cloud Wireless Platform
- Low cost, low power consumption
- Easy to use, Quick start
- Certification according to ATEX standards

Additional information on the product ACW-MR2-EX - ATEX monitoring

Supplier : Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868 MHz
Technology LoRaWan
Supply voltage battery
Inputs -
Outputs -
Interface -