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MA368 incremental encoder

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MA368 incremental encoder

Incremental encoder for length, diameter measurements or relative positioning applications.

Properties of the MA368 incremental encoder

The robust design of the encoder allows it to be used in mobile outdoor applications. The assembly process of the device is simplified by assembly screws that are fitted through the cover of the encoder. This allows the encoder to be mounted from the back of the application. The outer diameter of the encoder is 68mm and makes this encoder robust and larger compared to other encoder models.

Additional information about the product MA368 Incremental Encoder

Supplier : EMETA Encoders AG

Functions of the encoder Motion Control Velocity feedback Length, direction or accelerations measurements
Area of ​​application Saw mills & Wood working industry where demand on availability and performance is high turning machines and other metal working equipment
Encoder type Incremental encoder
Outside diameter 68 mm
Shaft dimension 6 mm round, 6 mm with flattening, 8 mm round, 10 mm round, 10 mm with flattening
Flange type Screw flange
Supply voltage 5 Vdc | 5 - 30 Vdc | 7 - 35 Vdc
Electrical interface TTL | HTL
Number of channels 2 channels (A & B), 3 channels (A, B & 0-pulse), 6 channels (A, B & 0-pulse differential)
electrical connection Cable | 6 pin MS
Chock 20g at 20-2000 Hz
Range temperature -40 ° C - + 80C
Vibration 20g at 20-2000 Hz
Shaft Type Solid shaft
Connection direction Axial, Radial
Material Anodized aluminum

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