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MA420 redundant encoder

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MA420 redundant encoder

Redundant encoder for positioning purposes. The MA420 series is a series of encoders that support combinations. One of two incremental encoders that are integrated in one housing. The other option is to integrate an incremental and an absolute encoder that support communication protocols such as SSI, PROFIBUS or CAN. Additional incremental signals can also be provided with TTL or HTL output levels on the absolute encoder. The redundancy makes the MA420 suitable for use in safety-relevant applications.

Properties of the MA420 redundant encoder

The extremely robust design and the encapsulation of the encoder series enable use in marine or offshore environments. Mines & cranes are two other suitable areas of application for the series.

Mechanically, the MA420 series is based on an 11mm solid shaft with a keyway to prevent slippage. The mounting flange is compatible with earlier tachometer generator interfaces including a B10 mounting flange. The entire construction is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Additional information about the product MA420 Redundant Encoder

Supplier : EMETA Encoders AG < / p>

Functions of the encoder Velocity Control Absolute positioning
Area of ​​application Mines, Marine, Cranes and other environments with high risks of corrosion and wear. Safety related applications Paper, Metallurgy or Windpower with high requirements in terms of useable life and relability.
Encoder type Redundant encoder
Outside diameter 115 mm
Shaft dimension 11 mm key way
Flange type B10 Euro flange
Supply voltage 5 Vdc | 5 - 30 Vdc
Electrical interface CANopen | TTL | HTL | PROFIBUS | SSI
Number of channels 6 channels (A, B & 0-pulse differential)
electrical connection Cable | Terminal box | 12 pin Con FM (M23 type)
Chock 200g
Range temperature -40 ° C - + 80C
Vibration 20g at 20-2000 Hz
Shaft Type Solid shaft
Connection direction Radial
Material Stainless steel

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