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MA500 incremental encoder

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MA500 incremental encoder

Miniature model of an incremental encoder for length, diameter, or relative positioning applications. The encoder series can also be used for velocity feedback in mount control applications.

Properties MA500 incremental encoder

The MA500 series has an outer diameter of only 30mm and features a polarity-protected power supply with high encapsulation class. All outputs are short-circuit proof to meet rough handling in the field. The series is suitable for use in applications with limited space. The resolutions can be between 1 and 1250 ppr.

Additional information on the product MA500 incremental encoder

Supplier: EMETA Encoders AG

Encoder functions Relative positioning Length, diameter or directional monitoring/measurements
Area of ​​application Applications with space limitations Mobile machineries & Forrest Machines including forwarders
Encoder type Incremental encoder
outer diameter 30mm
shaft dimension 4 mm round, 6 mm round, 6 mm with flattening
Flange type Synchro flange
Supply voltage 5Vdc | 5 – 30 Vdc | 7-35Vdc
Electrical interface TTL | HTL
Number of channels 2 channels (A & B), 3 channels (A, B & 0-pulse)
electrical connection Cables | 5 pin M8 | 8 pin M12
Chock 200g
Range temperature -40°C – +80C
vibration 20g at 20-2000 Hz
Shaft Type Solid shaft
connection direction Axial, Radial
Material Anodized aluminum

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