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15 door metal locker

Entdecken Sie unseren robusten 15-türigen Metall-Spind aus Stahlblech mit geschweisster Rahmenkonstruktion für Festigkeit und einfache Montage in Umkleideräumen von Firmen, Schulen, Sporteinrichtungen und Krankenhäusern.

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Artikelnummer:  67036-ISO-18-A95-BBX-X2

Description metal locker 15 doors

Our 15 door metal locker is the perfect solution for storing personal items and clothing in changing rooms of various establishments such as companies, schools, sports facilities and hospitals. The locker is made of high-quality sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8 to 1 mm and has a welded frame construction that ensures high strength and robustness.

Thanks to the 15 doors, the metal locker offers enough space for storing items for up to 15 people. Each door is equipped with a twist lock lock to ensure the safety of personal belongings. The doors are also equipped with ventilation slots that ensure sufficient ventilation in the locker and prevent odors.

The assembly of the metal locker is very easy and quick to carry out, as the welded frame construction reduces assembly effort to a minimum. The locker can be wall mounted for added stability.

Our 15 door metal locker is available in various colors and can be customized to meet our customers' needs. The high-quality workmanship and quality make it a durable and robust solution for safely storing personal items and clothing in changing rooms.

If you are looking for a high quality and sturdy metal locker for changing rooms, then our 15 door metal locker is perfect for you. Contact us today for more information and let our experts advise you.

Height x width x depth (mm) 1750 x 900 x 500
Number of compartments 15
Equipment -

Available standard colors / decors:

Dekore und Standardfarben

Additional information about the product 15-door metal locker

Supplier: Tritón Pardubice, spol. s r. O.

Quantity discount from 3 pieces: 5%

Delivery costs: free

Minimum order quantity in the online shop: 1 piece

Delivery time for stock items: approx. 2-5 business days

Delivery time for non-stock items: approx. 6-12 weeks

Recommended method for installing and maintaining Tritón cabinets

Recommended environment

  • intended for indoor use

Must be protected from

  • mechanical damage,
  • improper handling,
  • Uses other than those for which the furniture is intended.

Inappropriate handling is particularly important

  • Interventions in the construction and design of the cabinet.

Cabinet assembly

  • The cabinet must be placed on a level floor. Small unevenness is compensated for by the leveling feet. We recommend attaching the metal furniture to the wall.

Environmental protection

  • All parts are made from recyclable materials. After the cabinet has been removed from service, it must be disposed of in accordance with applicable regulations.


  • It is recommended to wash the cabinet regularly with standard non-abrasive cleaning agents with a neutral pH value (5-8) and then dry it thoroughly.
  • The manufacturer is not responsible for normal wear and tear of the product.


  • This product is GS-16-08-11-01 certified.

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