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MG22 magnetic rotary encoder

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MG22 magnetic rotary encoder

Incremental rotary encoder based on a magnetic scanning principle. Bearingless design for almost unlimited service life.

Features MG22 magnetic rotary encoder

The encoder consists of two parts. First the magnet that rotates and couples to the drive shaft. The second scanning unit is stationary and connected to the receiver electronics, which provide two HTL signals that are 90º out of phase.

Execution MG22 (MAGNETIC)

The MG22 encoder can be used with any resolution up to 1024 ppr. to be delivered. A marker or index pulse can be provided on request. The MG22 encoder type is typically used for relative position or speed control.

Additional information about the product MG22 magnetic rotary encoder

Supplier: EMETA Encoders AG

Encoder functions Velocity control Positioning
Area of ​​application Forest industry joysticks & control equipment
Encoder type Incremental encoder
outer diameter 22mm
shaft dimension 6mm round
Flange type 22 Synchro flange
Supply voltage 7-35Vdc
Electrical interface HTL
Number of channels 3 channels (A, B & 0-pulse)
electrical connection Cable

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