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MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

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MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

The new 553 series consists of a housing with no moving parts. No bearings and no shaft makes the encoder durability special! The encoder has 2 signals up to 1024ppr and zero pulse with LED display as standard. It is available with cable and M8 connector.

Application MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

Suitable for space-constrained applications to reduce weight and also to facilitate modifications in future mounting.

Additional information about the product MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

Supplier: EMETA Encoders AG

Encoder functions
Area of ​​application
Encoder type
outer diameter
shaft dimension
Flange type
Supply voltage
Electrical interface
Number of channels
electrical connection
Range temperature
Shaft Type
connection direction
Material Steel
Mechanical seal -
membrane filter 44 coin compartments
Shaft seal assembly 44 coin compartments -

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