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MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

Artikelnummer:  63104

MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

The new 553 series consists of a housing with no moving parts. No bearings and no shaft make the durability of the encoder something special! The encoder has 2 signals up to 1024ppr and zero pulse with LED display as standard. It is available with a cable and M8 connector.

Application of MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

Suitable for applications with limited space in order to reduce the weight and also to simplify changes for future assembly.

Additional information on the MG553 magnetic rotary encoder product

Supplier : EMETA Encoders AG

Functions of the encoder
Area of ​​application
Encoder type
Outside diameter
Shaft dimension
Flange type
Supply voltage
Electrical interface
Number of channels
electrical connection
Range temperature
Shaft Type
Connection direction
Material Steel
Mechanical seal -
Membrane filter 44 coin compartments
Shaft seal arrangement 44 coin compartments -

Documents about product MG553 magnetic rotary encoder

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