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MP22 potentiometer, contactless

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MP22 potentiometer, contactless

The MP22 is a rugged non-contact rotary potentiometer. The unit can be used for absolute positioning, suitable for use in harsh environments.

The sensor provides an analogue voltage output, radiometric, with an amplitude of 0..5Vdc or 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc proportional to the angular position of the shaft. The scanning principle of the sensor is based on a magnetic scanning principle. The potentiometer consists of two separate parts. The scanning unit and the magnet itself.

EMETA offers many different types of magnetic carriers, please consult us to find the most suitable variant for your application.

The scanning is contactless. This means that there are no wearing parts. The service life of the sensor is therefore significantly longer compared to conventional potentiometers.

Properties MP22 potentiometer, contactless

The potentiometer is powered by a 5Vdc supply and is available with an axial cable output. The length of the cable can be determined when ordering. The sensor is only 22 millimeters in diameter, making it useful for use in tight spaces.

The active angle of the sensor, e.g. the range in which the full scale value (0..5Vdc) is displayed, can be configured when ordering. This means that full scale can be provided between 20º and 360º depending on the needs of the application.

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