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TALOS TB-I14O3 - Safe small controller

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TALOS TB-I14O3 - Safe small controller

TALOS® has flexibly integrated the desired functionality. The selection of the desired configuration and the parameterization of individual functions such as delay times can be done quickly and easily directly on the device via the menu. This means: no time-consuming programming work, quick and easy operation and commissioning without additional aids such as a PC. An integrated diagnosis avoids long troubleshooting and downtimes.
The 14 safe inputs can be logically linked with or without time functions with 3 safe and 6 message outputs.
TALOS® TB-I14O3 thus replaces a large number of conventional safety relays, and that with a width of only 45 mm.
The TB-I14O3 achieves the highest safety requirements Cat. 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 and is therefore ideally suited for the protection of machine tools and automatic machines. In addition, the TB-I14O3 is certified for combustion systems in continuous operation according to EN 50156-1.

Properties TALOS TB-I14O3 - Safe small control

Safety function Emergency stop monitoring, sliding protection door monitoring, light curtain monitoring, combustion systems in continuous operation, stop category 0/1
Supply voltage UB: DC 24 V (+/- 15%)
Power consumption 3.8 W (all inputs activated / without load)
Number of safe inputs 14 safe inputs / 3 start inputs
Number of safe semiconductor outputs 3
Switching capacity per safe semiconductor output UB / 500 mA; PNP; short-circuit proof
Number of semiconductor signal outputs 6
Switching capacity per message output 1 x UB / 500 mA; 5 x UB / 50 mA; PNP; short-circuit proof
Number of clock outputs 4
Input voltage safe inputs DC 24 V (+/- 15%)
PL; Cat .; SILCL (EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061) PL e; Cat. 4; SILCL 3
Approvals CE
Dimension 45 x 99 x 118 mm
order no. TALOS® TB-I14O3 472600
order no. EKLS4; Set of pluggable screw terminals 472592 (2x required)
order no. EKLZ4; Set of plug-in tension spring terminals 472593 (2x required)

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