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ACW-DINRS+ - Modbus RS232/RS485 Bridge

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Artikelnummer:  63002-ACW/DINRS+


The ACW-DINRS+ allows to recover the data of a Modbus equipment and to transmit them in the 868 MHz local radio.

Bridge Mode

Bridge mode:
Allows easy connection of two electronic systems with serial RS232 or RS485 connection (P2P and Multipoint).


The ACW-DINRS/RS+ is often used behind PLCs or data acquisition systems: electricity meter, weather station, sensors, etc.

Additional information on the product ACW-DINRS+ - Modbus RS232/RS485 Bridge

Supplier: Atim Sàrl

Frequency 868MHz
Technology M2M
Supply voltage 10 - 30Vcc
Interface RS232 / RS485
Range 22km